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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The British Female Fronted Melodic Hard Rock Band TAO, has announced the release of their debut studio album “Prophecy”, featuring Karen Fell (vocals), Chris Gould (guitars) and Dave Rosingana (bass), which will be released in October 15, 2021 via Tarot Label Media.


1. Nobody But You

2. Rock Brigade

3. Angels And Clandestine Fools

4. Breathe In, Breathe Out

5. Fire In The Sky

6. Might Just Break your Heart

7. Prophecy

8. Fight Club

9. Nazarene

10. Gone Forever

The album was produced by Gary Hughes (TEN) and mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward at The TrakShak, Germany.

All songs written by Gary Hughes

Recorded at The Doghouse Studio, Blackpool, England


Karen Fell – Vocals

Chris Gould– Guitars (ex-Serpentine)

Dave Rosingana – Bass Guitars

Additional Musicians:

Darrel Treece-Birch (TEN) - Keyboards

Brian Webster - Drums

Gary Hughes (TEN) - Backing Vocals and keyboards on "Prophecy" and "Nazarene".

In Chinese philosophy TAO means "The absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang, signifying the way, a code of behaviour that is in harmony with the natural order".

Hailing from Edinburgh (Scotland), Cardiff (Wales) and Barrow in England, the female fronted melodic hard rock band TAO is the living proof of the legacy of the melodic hard rock genre in the UK. Bringing together a strong team of individual musicians under the watchful eye and songwriting prowess of TEN mastermind Gary Hughes, this band is poised for great things, with this brilliant collection of songs, under the album title “Prophecy”.

With Karen Fell’s passionate vocals, Chris Gould’s emotional yet furious (where it needs to be) and Dave Rosingana’s umistakable bass tones, this release will definitely hit a soft spot of fans of 80s influenced melodic hard rock in the vein of Heart, Roxette or Pat Benatar. They have already created promotional videos for 5 tracks from PROPHECY and they will be 'step releasing' these videos in order to promote the album upon release whilst also extending the period of promotion and intensifying the push beyond.

“PROPHECY” contains just under an hour of amazing original music performed by 3 truly gifted and unique artists.


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Yes Dave! Can't wait to hear this album!! Hope to catch you soon!!

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